The Main Objective

The organization will expand the executive committee in the whole of India by becoming a member, which will help in social development.
The person who is unable to get himself or family treated at the time of illness due to financial reasons, the organization will try to help them in every possible way and provide free medical consultation, check-up and medicines.
: When the financial system of the family becomes disturbed due to the sudden death of the earning person in a family, the institution will try to help such families.
student is the future of our country, the more educated the country is, the more it will develop. Those students who are unable to get education, whether they are school, college, medical students, engineering students or students of other educational institutions or those who are preparing for jobs, their fees, books, hostels, food everything will be provided by the organization. We will make every effort to make arrangements for schools and hostels.
There are many forced fathers and brothers who are unable to get their daughter or sister married due to their poor financial system, this problem can only be understood by a forced father or brother.
The maximum population of the country is dependent on agriculture, what is the condition of farmers in our country, it is not hidden from all of us, the organization will try to solve every problem related to agriculture of needy farmers.
We will conduct Religious events and construct temples

Other Objectives

    • Efforts to make every person aware of Indian culture, Vedic civilization and Ayurveda, through Shri Ram Darbar Foundation, to remove poverty through Siddha Lakshmi Mantra and Yagya and take them towards a happy life..

    • To give information about Ayurveda and freedom from diseases to every person and to establish Ayurvedic dispensary and organize health camps.

    • Providing information about yoga, pranayama and establishment of yoga centers.

    • Treatment of nervine, cervical, spondylosis and establishment of centers.

    • To eliminate the negative energy of man, house, land, business place and transmit positive energy and increase the aura (aura circle) of the person and organize camps.

    • 70 percent of the country's population is in villages and is dependent on agriculture, so the organization should provide and provide information about organic farming, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides and organic seeds. The aim of the organization is to provide organic crops and pure milk to the farmers all over India.

    • To provide employment to the rural youth in their own area, where the raw material is produced, the same industry should be established so that the youth do not have to leave their homes and go elsewhere.

    • To help each person to become self-reliant by motivating him towards self-employment.

    • Support as much as possible in any disaster and epidemic.

    • Efforts to arrange fees, books and coaching for the students unable to get education and to build schools.

    • To establish Gaushala, elderly ashram, orphanage, widow ashram. Cooperation in Kanyadan poverty alleviation and women empowerment, anti-dowry campaign, tree plantation and tree protection.

    • Home remedies, the formula of Maharishivagbhatta and books written by Rajiv Bhai Dixit and distributing religious books and organizing religious events.

    • Establishment of drug de-addiction centers, financial assistance to the needy, food, clothing, medicine, work for the benefit of farmers and soldiers.

    • Any other work which is for social service. To organize camps for all the above purposes.